Chairman - Saleem Swaleh

Saleem Swaleh is the Chairman of the Samama Group and due to his dedication, Samama becomes able to stand strong among others. Moreover, by profession, he is a Civil Engineer and earned a degree from a well-known university, named NED. Saleem Swaleh is a man with a dynamic personality who holds plenty of dedication to his work. He grasps 37+ years of massive experience in the field as a Major Real-Estate Developer and has been vigorously performing his responsibilities.

And In 1990, he dispatched the brand SAMAMA and from then the brand has urged as a major developer of Pakistan. Other than it, he also has served as a Project Manager for Erum Developers and then promoted to Head of Operation at the start of his career. After then, he initiated a Civil Contractor organization in 1988. Apart from business, he’s a generous man that has been serving the community for years, concerning his responsibility. His thoughts for social work is,

“The name of my Brand is not just a brand to me. It is my Pride, as Samama is my Daughter. My dedication for deliverance is immeasurable”
-Saleem Swaleh

CEO - Humayun Saleem

Humayun Saleem, the CEO of the SAMAMA Group. His devotion and efforts are appreciable as the projects speak themselves. He has 5-years of experience as a Real-estate developer and a master’s in Business Management & Marketing from Queen Mary – the University of London as well as Masters in Bu. Moreover, served as Brand Manager, at the world’s number one creative agency WPP- JWT, Pakistan Region, and then joined SAMAMA in 2013. He performs in an effective manner as well as with a dedicated team who has made numerous efforts continuously to level up the efficiency of the Samama among builders & developers.

“It is my utmost priority to maintain the brand name and image the company has by ensuring the delivery of quality projects on committed time & expand the trusted brand has of its customers & allied industries.”

“Every business is run to enjoy profits but at SAMAMA, our 1st priority is to build projects with state of the art designs that serve the public for life and allow us to enjoy healthy relations with our clients.”
-Humayun Saleem