Corporate Social Responsibility

To demonstrate our commitment to complementing our existence and our progression as a business element, we accept that being active in society, and fulfilling our responsibilities towards that community, is an essential piece of our responsibilities and activities. Rewarding the community through social work, charitable activities, and sponsorships to valuable occasions and entities constitutes the soul that drives our vision and motivates our assurance to support a providing for the community.

“This is our responsibility to share the benefits, facilities and comfort which ALLAH blessed us. I make sure that the whole family gets involved in social activities to support the people of our beautiful nation.”

-Saleem Swaleh

Our CSR Activities

From our several social works and support activities reach, these are as follow:

  • Building charitable schools & hospitals
  • Managing hospitals in partnership with Shahid Afridi Foundation
  • Taking part in social activities with ABAD
  • Building & maintaining green belts & parks
  • Planting water generation systems